Monument Setting

When your monument is set in the cemetery it is handled with care and professionalism.  Here you can see the steps put towards the installation of your monument from the ground up.

Step 1: Preparing the Foundation

Squaring and centering a form at the head of the plot, we hand dig and pour a 3′+ deep concrete foundation as a solid base for the monument to sit on.

Step 2: Setting the Base

After the concrete foundation has set the monument is brought to the cemetery to be placed on it starting with the base.  Uncrated and hand dollied to the foundation the base is placed on top of the foundation.  The base is then checked for level and adjusted accordingly.


Step 3: Placing the Monument

In the same manner as the base, the monument is brought over to the base and lifted onto softening for adjustments.  The monument is centered on the base and a setting compound is rolled out and lead is placed under each corner.


Step 4: Final Setting of Monument

The monument is lifted slightly one side at a time to pull out the softening and push under the setting compound, it is adjusted and centered as it settles down onto the lead.

Complete monument sits set in the cemetery