There are thousands of monument designs, shapes, and colors to choose from. Browse this gallery to view samples of different monuments, engraved and produced through our shop. Also included are some other interesting monuments we have seen throughout the region to help generate new ideas in personalizing your memorial. Every stone can be customized to fit your needs.

An important thing to consider when designing your monument is the requirements of the cemetery where the stone will be set. It's best to check with the cemetery first to see if there are any rules or regulations to follow.

The above gallery shows examples of how your monument can be customized with different shapes and top contours.

By clicking on a color sample, you can view a gallery of monuments created in each material.

Monument sample photos are not a 100% accurate depiction of true memorial colors. Many of the colors can change in different lighting conditions. Please resort to the color samples in the gallery below for the best online viewing depiction of a certain color. The sample photos in each color coded gallery are a great way to see the many ways layouts and lettering can be engraved into the stone of a specific color. The sample photos also help show the variations of the same color across different monuments.


Feel free to click on a monument to view a larger image.

^ Jet Black Monument 2'-6" x 0-8" x 2'-4" with Custom Hand Etching ^

Polished India Black with custom etching

Polished India Black with custom etching

India Black Granite (Polished with apex top, polished bevel base, polished square raised family name letters, hand etched farm scene and bronze plaque)

Oriental Black Motorcycle

This beautiful existing family monument (shown bottom left) made of India Black Granite took this addition to it's blank rear, (bottom right) a brand new full color hand etching of a man riding his tractor on his farm from a family photo.

This tree and dog design were a personal image brought to PMGW to be added to the family memorial nearly 20 years after the monument had originally been installed.

A portrait etching, personal lettering and a set of urns completes this beautifully unique family memorial.

Other notable monuments in the area